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The biggest benefit of factoring in most cases is the ability to grow your business and keep up with demand. Frequently companies delivering a high quality product or service will encounter cashflow issues due to rapid growth. Factoring is a proven strategy utilized by many industry sectors to overcome the obstacle. Factoring allows you to grow the business as fast as you can produce invoices.
Factoring is not a loan, as no debt is created when it happens. With factoring, you can pay off your payables faster, which can help you negotiate better terms with your suppliers and reduce costs.
Your eligibility of factoring is not dependent on your personal credit history. The quality of your invoices comes from who they are made out to, not who made them. As long as the customer can verify the legitimacy of an invoice, and has a good payment record, we are happy to factor it.
Unlike a conventional loan, there is potentially no limit to how much we can factor for a business.