How It Works

You bid on, and then complete and deliver on your project. You will make the invoice out to your customer and send the invoice to us. Within 24 hours, we forward anywhere from 50% to 95% of the invoice minus our fee. From there we send a notification to your customer claiming we have bought the invoice. When the customer pays, we then send you the remaining balance of the invoice. If the customer takes more than 30 days to pay the invoice, we will charge you a daily rate negotiated in the terms, and take it out of the remaining payment.

No Commitment

If at any point you find the services of factoring to be no longer beneficial, you may stop using us.

No Ongoing Contracts

No commitment is required to continue factoring invoices. Stop when you want to.

Immediate Payment

On approved customers, we will have your check ready within 24 hours.

It's Fast. Really Fast.

Once you decide to factor an invoice, we can forward your payment within hours. Even one hour. It’s happened.

No Credit Required

It's your customers' credit we care about, not yours.

Believe it!

Even if they don’t pay, we will just swap the bad invoice for a different good one and let you handle the bad one.

No Limits

As long as the quality of the invoice is good, the more the better!

As much as you like

You can grow at your own pace, even if that is really, really fast.

Factoring Vs. Bank Loans

Factoring, or “accounts receivable financing”, is a quick, flexible way for businesses to build up their cash flow.

Five Simple Steps

      • Your provide a service or product to your customer
      • You send your invoice to us
      • You receive up to 95% of the invoice cash advance from us, minus our fee
      • We receive full payment from your customer
      • We pay your the rest